4500-year-old double tomb for Pharaoh purifiers uncovered in Egypt

Several tombs and burials have been uncovered by archaeologists who discovered a 4,500-year-old cemetery located southeast of the famous Giza Pyramids.

The remains of two individuals were found in one of the oldest tombs, with the sarcophagi remaining intact. 

Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced an analysis of the tomb's artefacts and hieroglyphic inscriptions revealed the individuals were named "Behnui-Ka" and "Nwi".

Both men were believed to have been alive during the Fifth Dynasty, which was an era after the Giza Pyramids had been built.

Inscriptions revealed Behnui-Ka was a priest and judge known as "the purifier of kings: Khafre, Userkaf and Niuserre" – all Pharos who ruled Egypt during the Fifth Dynasty.
Nwi was known as “the purifier of King Khafre”, although he was also known as “chief of the great state" and "the overseer of the new settlements". 

A limestone statue - that may depict either Behnui-Ka or Nwi - stone engravings and wooden masks were among other artefacts discovered in the tomb.

Archaeologists also discovered the cemetery had been re-used about 2,600 years ago. 

Decorated wooden anthropoid coffins with hieroglyphic inscriptions were evidence of re-use of the tomb.
The ancient cemetery was uncovered during evacuations of the area, with more than 450 cubic meters of sand moved to allow archaeologists to access the double tomb.

Former Minister of Antiquities Dr Zahi Hawass said the location of the cemetery was a significant find as it was where tombs of pyramid workers had previously been discovered. 

“[This] confirms that the Egyptians were not slaves and built their tombs to the other world like their kings,” he said, reports Ancient Origins. 

Dr Hawass added more discoveries needed to be made as it’s “the best way to promote Egypt abroad” to bring tourism back to the region.
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