Bones of Massive Jurassic Sea Predators Found in Poland

Bones of 30-foot-long Jurassic sea monster with ‘massive jaws’ found in a cornfield in Poland alongside mauled remains of giant turtles and crocodile ancestors

The bones of a massive 150-million-year-old sea predator have been found in a cornfield in Poland.

The Jurassic-era bones belonging to a terrifying creature called pliosaurs, were discovered by palaeontologists in a field of corn in the village of Krzyzanowice, close to the Swietokrzyskie Mountains.

Measuring over 30 feet long and weighing several tons, the water predator was one of the largest creatures of its time.

Roaming the seas of Europe and South America during the Late Jurassic period, the carnivorous pliosaurs fed off any living thing they came across, evidenced by the mauled bones of giant turtles and huge 20-foot-long crocodile ancestors also found at the site.

During the Jurassic period, the area which is now in southeast Poland was an archipelago of tropical islands with warm lagoons and shallow sea reservoirs, reports the website Science in Poland.

Palaeontologist Dr. Daniel Tyborowski from the Museum of the Earth of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw said: ‘This environment was home to the marine reptiles we discovered.

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