Lady Pank played their first show in Florida

April 2nd, 2019 (last updated)

Fakty Miami News – LADY PANK the legendary polish rock band has performed their first ever concerts in the sunny state of Florida last weekend. The Shows in John Paul II Center in Clearwater and The Polish American Club Sobieski in Lake Worth drew over 1,000 people in attendance.

LADY PANK has been around for over 38 years now and have performed hundreds of concerts in the United States and all over the world but they have never played in Florida until last weekend.

The gathered fans were able to listen to all of the bands greatest songs including seven number one hits from their first album LP1 like “Minus Zero”, “Zostawicie Tytanika”, “Tacy Sami” and many more. For many fans the first LADY PANK album is close to a Polish rock bible and it has been recently re-released and enriched with the inclusion of guest artists from the top of the charts in Poland. The LADY PANK is one of the most prestigious and largest Polish band to ever visit Florida.

Fakty Miami was a proud media partner of the show.

This great event was possible thanks to the GRAM-X PROMOTIONS.

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