Large shark prompts lifeguards to briefly close Nokomis Beach in Sarasota County

July 6th, 2019 (last updated)

A section of Nokomis Public Beach was closed Tuesday afternoon after a large shark cruised the swim zone for nearly an hour.

People out enjoying Nokomis Beach were in for a treat and a scare Tuesday afternoon as a hammerhead shark trolled through the swim area for more than an hour.

There were dozens of people in the water when the shark appeared as just a large shadow under the water. Many people, at first, thought it was a dolphin or manatee.

This was a second shark-sighting video shared by viewers this week. Boaters in Anna Maria Island shared a video of a large hammerhead shark swimming near their boat .

On Tuesday, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office posted a video of hammerhead sharks in the waters off Anclote Key.

No swimmers were injured. Lifeguards kept people out of the water. They will be monitoring the shoreline and warning swimmers if any more sharks are spotted.

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