Our fellow citizen left Miami fighting for the rights of animals in a country, where the law is not respected

How many of you have a dog? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your loved pet? Does it make you happy?

Many of us have dogs and we treat them as family, but unfortunately there are human beings on this earth who abuse, mistreat and throw their dogs out when they no longer want them. When that happens, ones loved pet becomes a stray and creates issues with city officials. In perfect world, the strays should be captured, neutered or out for adoption. Through out the process the animal should be cared for, treated for any issues it may have and get as much love as possible.

One of our fellow citizens left Miami to go back to homeland, Armenia to fight against animal cruelty and abuse, not just from people who mistreat their animals but city officials as well. What he sees everyday will break your heart.

Healthy dogs being captive in small cages with sick dogs. Dogs kept in cages of 5-6 at a time. No proper medics evaluation or treatment.
he fights everyday with those wo are supposed to be helping him and supporting him.

Everyday is a battle for a life. No government funding or help,no protection laws. Nothing.

He has to try and do everything on his own. Try to find money, regulate how dogs are being captured and treated. Bring medical help from different places even care for dogs himself and take them into his house.

Is this the great future we all want? is this the 21 century we are all talking about, where all of this barbaric things are happening? Lets spread the word and make a change.

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