Patryk Vega: “Polityka” will shake the Polish political scene

September 2nd, 2019 (last updated)

Patryk Vega threatened that his last film “Polityka” will shake the Polish political scene. As he says about it, “the most controversial picture of recent decades” will be in theaters in less than a month. He now introduced the first trailer for this movie. Kaczyński and Macierewicz will have no reason to laugh.

Patryk Vega is obviously advertising himself. From what you can see, the movie will not be a subtle piece, but is based on a rather mediocre sense of humor. 

Of course, the trailer shows mainly representatives of the ruling party with Kaczyński, Szydło, Macierewicz, Misiewicz and Father Rydzyek. Grzegorz Schetina and his theory of great politics were also shown.

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