Strange noise keeping couple awake for years turns out to be hive of 80,000 BEES

A massive hive of 80,000 bees kept an oblivious couple awake at night for two years.

The couple, who have not been named, noticed a constant buzzing noise in the walls of their bedroom but were unaware what it was.

They struggled to sleep at night and finally examined the walls further in Pinos Puente, near Granada, Spain.

They were shocked to discover the enormous hive just a few feet from where they slept.

Sergio Guerrero, a local beekeeper, worked to clear the hive, which he estimates was home to 80,000 of the insects.

It had grown over the years to take up a huge section of the wall and spanned almost the entire height of the bedroom.

But Mr Guerrero said he could not understand “how they [the couple] have lived with this huge amount of bees for almost two years”.

“It was stuck in a place where they could not sleep. They were spending the whole night listening to the bees.

“It took me seven hours to do the extraction to get them free and back to the mountains. We did the whole process without any problems,” he added.

The beekeeper had to use a special aspiration system to suck up all the bees before safely moving them away.

He is a member of Colmena Sanadora, a project to keep bees alive and help homeowners remove bee hives in an inexpensive way.

The man continued: “It is a project to save the bees. Removing the bees usually costs around 1,500 euros (£1,314) and a lot of people think about getting rid of them by themselves as it is expensive.

“We save the bees and help the residents to cover the costs of buying a wooden house, the medicine to protect the bees against mites which are hurting them a lot and their food for a year, which means around 100 euros, depending on the distance.”

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