Trump congratulates San Francisco 49ers draft pick Nick Bosa: ‘Always stay true to yourself’

President Trump took to Twitter Saturday morning to congratulate Ohio State edge rusher Nick Bosa on being chosen second overall by the San Francisco 49ers during Thursday night’s first round of the NFL draft.

Trump tweeted: “Congratulations to Nick Bosa on being picked number two in the NFL Draft. You will be a great player for years to come, maybe one of the best. Big Talent! San Francisco will embrace you but most importantly, always stay true to yourself. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Bosa, 21, made headlines recently after he told ESPN he cleansed his Twitter account of political tweets he penned. The athlete regularly tweeted about his support for Trump and his disdain for former 49ers quarterback-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick. He told the media outlet he deleted those tweets out of fear he may not be fully embraced by the city of San Francisco if he were drafted by the West Coast team.

“I had to,” Bosa told ESPN. “There is a chance I might end up in San Francisco.”

Screenshots of Bosa’s tweets showed him calling Kaepernick “a clown.” After he was drafted, Bosa apologized at a press conference Friday for his tweet on Kaepernick.

“It wasn’t directed towards (Kaepernick’s stance),” Bosa said. “It’s not like I’m saying his stance and what he was doing, that’s not what I was calling or talking about at all. It was just a specific thing that happened and me as a young kid a thought popping in my head and boom, decided to tweet it out. Bad decision. I respect what he’s done. If it empowers anybody then he’s doing a good thing. So, I apologize for that.”

Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray was taken first overall by the Arizona Cardinals in the first round of the NFL draft.

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