Valkyrie Superyacht 751 feet

The Valkyrie Project envisages a spectacular, sleek vessel loaded with super-cool luxurious entertainment features that — with a length of 229 meters (751 feet) — would be the world’s largest superyacht.

Valkyrie is the Trimaran yacht concept, designed a thesis project of Chulhun Park supported by Palmer Johnson at Royal College of Art London. This stunning yacht is a futuristic floating entertainment hub that attracts you with its elegant lines.

Chulhun Park designed Valkyrie as a floating entertainment hub.
Courtesy Chulhun Park

There are bars, an exhibition hall, spa, casino, club, theater, and a restaurant onboard the yacht. Chulhun Park challenges the usual mono hull design and focuses attention on a Trimaran hull that reduces the drag while cruising at high speeds. Valkyrie is only a concept, though some rich folk like Roman Abramovich could order this beauty to expand their fleet.

sources: CNN, Futuristicnews

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