Wiretap scandal orchestrator Marek Falenta transported to Poland from Spain

Marek Falenta has been transported to Poland – the Police Main Headquarters informed on Friday afternoon. The convict was taken to one of the remand centres in Warsaw. The police refused to provide any more details.

Marek Falenta was taken to one of Warsaw’s remand centres – informed Elżbieta Krakowska from State Prison Service. He will be placed in a temporary cell. According to the prison service, Falenta will soon undergo medical examination, psychological personality tests.

“Next week, the penitentiary commission will decide how to classify the convict, that is to make sure if he’s capable to serve his sentence and in which type of penitentiary facility,” Krakowska said. She stressed that due to the high media interest in the case, Falenta will be under supervision and hightened control of prison service officers, who will keep him safe. Marek Falenta was sentenced for 2,5 years in prison in 2016 by the District Court in Warsaw. He was the main suspect in the so-called wiretap scandal.

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